We believe in providing children with world-class infrastructure that supports their overall development.


Our activities will challenge and develop
your child’s creativity, imagination, thinking skills, and social skills.




Our center provides many educational activities to keep your kids engaged. They learn when playing.

A Few Words About
Little Wonders International

The kind of school you pick will affect your child’s physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development. Little Wonders International assure the best with their incredible facilities . Our Faculty Members and Administration Department take unique efforts in the journey of your child’s curricular and co-curricular development.

  • Safe and Enabling Environment
  • Trained Teachers and Staff
  • Activities designed keeping in mind the age of the child
  • A user-friendly curriculum

Little Wonders International provides the following services

Learn through play

Children learn when they have fun!

Educational Services

Our certified professionals provide best in class education services

Toys and Games

Education is not limited to books.


Child Care

Every child is unique and deserves right attention to grow exponentially


Love and Care

It’s a promise to make your child feel loved


Physical Activity

Physical activities are important for healthy mind

We are Little Wonders International

Take a look at how we make an impact in the world.

Our Achievements

Wisdom High International School is shining at the peak of glory with the addition of accolades to its precious list of awards.

Early childhood education

School’s play a prime role in shaping a child’s personality and help in creating a strong foundation for their future life. A conducive environment inspires a child to learn and grow and the choice of preschool at the onset becomes the most vital decision for parents. Hence when it comes to kindergarten schools, Little Wonders International which is a 22 year old institution, deserves to be chosen & rated the best in the nation not only for its unique curriculum & atmosphere where children are exposed to the resources in the most unique way  but also the high quality infrastructure that facilitates better instruction & holistic development. Our campus, Little Wonders International is internationally styled with bright, cheerful, imaginatively designed classrooms & cocurricular areas with colourful adorable furniture and walls, stunning role play area, clean and hygienic washrooms, a well-managed administrative unit and a strong security that ensures that the school keeps running smoothly even through thick and thin. The campus is under CCTV surveillance, is well guarded, the arrival and departure of visitors is recorded and the systems are in place for the safe arrival and departure of students. 

The curriculum followed is based on the ideologies of Fredrick Frobel, Maria Montessori and the theory of Howard Gardner and is designed to facilitate active experiential learning along with a blend of cocurricular activities. The children are exposed to various activities like sports, dance, music regularly that add on to their wholesome development. Independent learning is one major area that is focused upon and children are encouraged to do activities on their own instead of following a specific set of patterns. The day of a kindergartner at Little Wonders International begins with free play activities which are planned, laid and executed keeping in mind the various milestones like the fine motor, gross motor, creative thinking, language enhancement, social & logical skills. We also have a Recharge Centre in school  working for student’s well being and providing parents with regular updates about child’s progress & effective counselling. Little Wonders International has a reputation of not only nurturing young minds but also having a warm & skilled staff. The team exudes warmth and personal attention is given to each child. 

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