Beyond Academics

Free Play

Indoor Activities

Arranging some activities which helps the students to develop their GMD and FMD skills like Puzzles, books, lacing beads and flowers colouring activities, hurdles.

Free Play

Outdoor Activities

Sports teachers conduct indoor games like bat- ball, Obstacle races, lemon and spoon, frog jump.

Play Equipment & Lawn.

Once in a week Nur to students are taken on the play equipment to play on slides and on lawns for outdoor games.


Sand Play

Hide the Object/ Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt activity is conducted on the sand play where the teachers hide the small objects in the sand before class come and children search and collect the objects.

Make a shape or Castle in the sand

Students are enjoying the castles, making different shapes with the help of molds.

Straining the sand.

Students enjoy the sand straining with sand play equipment.

Pattern making

Students make patterns in the wet sand.

Water Play

Squeezing Sponge and fill the bottles

Students fill up the bottle with water with the help of sponges

Pick the Marbles/ Stones

Students sort marbles and stones from a mixture of both.

Hanky Wash & Hanging

Students wash hanky & hang it on rope.

Paper boat Making & Playing

Students  make a boat using paper and play it in the water


To learn Different types of dances

for eg.  folk dance, Western dance, Garba….


To learn music in rhythm, beats and with the tune.

Once a week the students have a music class where the teacher shows song videos and audios and makes the students sing song with the teacher.

Music instruments

Music teacher hands over the musical instruments to all students for introduction and playing

Role Play

Super Market

Students shop for fruits and vegetables and they practice concepts of buying and selling.


Students indulge in role play of a  Doctor, Nurse and a patient.


Students indulge in the  role play of a hair dresser, make up artist


Students play with big and small vehicles, and indulge in the role play of Mechanic.

Post Office

Students write letters on a piece of paper and post it in post box.

Kitchen Room

Students cook  food for their teachers and friends and intimate to be a chef and cook imaginary food and offer it to their teachers and friends.

Dressing Room

Students indulge in role play with different costumes displayed

Soft Toy & Block Corner

Students have imaginary conversations with soft toys and play with blocks.

Reading Corner

Students tries to read books and increase their vocabulary.

Audio Visual Learning

Teachers show videos related to themes, festivals and celebration, good manners..etc.